The IvyVoxBox from Influesnter!

This box is filled with goodies perfect for anyone, anywhere!

1.7th heaven foot soak & lotion (avr. $2.97)  This stuff makes my feet feel royal! After a long days of walking and taking care of my two wild boys, this mama needs a good foot soak and this does everything I expected and more! The feeling it gives me after the soak is lovely, my feet and I are very pleased!

2.Chapstick DUO (avr. 3.98) I never saw these cool chapstick duos before but now that I have, They look so cool! Its a two-in-one gadget and so very compact. The thing I love most about this is I can choose which scent I want to put on and its SUPER easy to change out for new scents! I love the mix and match.

3.Gillette Venus Swirl (avr. 8-10$) This razor is the closest most effective shaver I have ever used! My golly, Not only can I switch out the blade once this one gets rusty or just don’t work anymore, BUT! it gives my the closest shave of my life!! All them tricky areas to shave are now no more. Goodbye stubborn hair, Hello silky soft body! I would HIGHLY suggest this razor, no doubt about it. The FLEXIBALL totally  #MovesLikeNoOther !

4.Black African Soap (avr. 4.99) This soap smells amazing, I cant get over how good and long lasting the scent it. Its suppose to clean your clean gently and it does exactly as said. I never heard of this product before or seen – But its now probably one of my favorite face cleanser now and is very effective in keeping that un wanted acne away!! Hooray for that!  If you struggle with acne, face pores, blemishes I would highly suggest you give this a try.

5. Trolli Sour brite crawlers (Avr.1.99) Talk about YUM! Me and my boys cannot stop snacking on these! They are very addicting and so yummy for any time of the day! and I mean morning or late night snack! There the best candy to me right now and I will deff be buying more of these yummy wormies.



I got this sent to me free for review, ALL opinion are my own.


(REVIEW)Habor 8X21 Optics Zoom binoculars.

These are fantastic! I already knew what i was going to use there for before they arrived! once they did arrive i went down to the
lake and man do these work wonders, Really. They may be small but they are so clear and make things 10x better. I could see far distances clear
which i love because then i don’t have to get to close to things i feel uncomfortable too. These are 8X21 optics binoculars so i have learned and it even shows it on the picture!
These has a nice feel to them when holding and the most thing i love about taking these with me everywhere if that they are so compact i could literally put these anywhere
plus it comes with a nice case to put them in and has a nice new clean scent to them. I could fit it in my purse no problem or even my jacket pocket. These have a water proof design so that you can look at things while its raining which i love
doing. It has a nonslip grip even in wet climates. Each lens and prism is fully multi-coated which is great because it provides maximum light brightness. This binocular gives a wide 7.2 degree angle of view to increase visibility.
The ideal usage for these are Bird watching, wildlife, camping or pretty much anything you want to look at for example what your kids are doing (LOL) Which i have done
and saw them close up without them knowing. It has good clear vision and your able to focus in on things with the focus dial. Works great in day and at night depending on what the lighting is and what
you’re looking at. All in all i have no problems with these and have not came across any. Five out of five stars! You can check these out here –> **I got this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. Be sure to also check out my video review here–>

REVIEW:Super Bright 20 LED Solar Powered Light with Motion Sensor

I have a lot of get-togethers in my back yard and i was so tired of replacing batteries which adds up to a lot when i think about it
This came in great handy because it works with solar energy to charge! How cool is that?
But that’s not it, It has a motion sensor on it so when it senses people near it comes on which i find is
really cool, it will auto turn on dim light mode when in darkness or at night and enter into bright light mode when in sensing motion..
Its supposed to last 12 hours and it does! When i saw it, it was a bit smaller than expected but the bight ness on this was
blew my mind! You can also use this on rainy days because its water-proof so no worries there. This is very easy to install all you got to do is drill two
holes in your wall and your all done, (It just needs to charge of course) I had no problems with this at all it is very simple, I didn’t really need
the “How-To” to put it on my wall. just make sure you
have a drill handy to make things less difficult. This is plastic not
It is energy saving meaning it will be off during the day and on during night when you need it.
I would recommend this to anyone who loves saving energy and are night owls like myself to like to hangout in the back yard or
even if you just like having this in front of your house to see is by your door at night. I was thinking of getting more to out all around my back yard to brighten up more space. I have a shed kind of in the middle on my grass so i thought it would be pretty cool to put one on my shed and more along my house. You could do some pretty
cool things with these and you don’t have to worry about always buying batteries because it runs on solar! I had a friend come over to hangout and i showed him my new light – He then wanted one because he though it was a awesome little light, I agree 100%  You can check it out at this link —>
**I got this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion only**

REVIEW:Women’s Elegant Classic 30% Silver Plated Earrings with Double Linear Loops Design

These sterling silver earrings are to die for! I’m absolutely in-love with these. I cant stress enough how simple and unique these are.
I have got as many as 7 compliments! I love earrings, I have tons and tons and these are on my top. You cant go wrong with these,
They go with just about anything. I love how they dangle around and blow in the wind. These are not heavy so they don’t feel
uncomfortable while wearing at all, Nice and lose on my ears and could barley feel as if i was wearing them. They come in a cute little box that looks vintage to me, I love it. To me these look more money then they actually are in person, Definitely worth checking out if you like to wear earrings that don’t wear you down. You can check these out here -> **I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion**

Review: Virtual Reality 3D Glasses by VR SHINECON

So I got these very cool Reality 3D Glasses… Let tell you about these in my own experience!
These did not come with any instructions at all so i pretty much had to figure everything out on my own which was not too hard… The box it came was very nice and expensive looking.
It comes with a little cloth so you can wipe the lenses.
So, anyways, You put your phone into a case looking thing (I will put pictures below) And then you close it while playing it. **Supports phones 3.5 to 6.0 inch & The largest mobile phone wide range 154mm tall and 82mm**
Then you put it around your head and look into the lenses. You can adjust the length and how close you want the picture to be to your face. Now when
i was playing it the picture was very great and i had no issues with it.
It reminded me of being in a movie theater and having the picture so close in 3D was pretty awesome! My phone fit in it perfect and i had no problems with that part.
It is comfortable to wear and not wearing your head down at all or face! It didn’t strain my eyes but i would not wear it too long just to be safe. The quality of this is
well put together and it is also a hard plastic. The feel of it is smooth and not rough at all which i love! I was very surprised it came out the way it did just because of the price,
usually i see these going to a bit more so i really did not know what to expect! but don’t let the price fool you, because these are great. My boyfriend also tried these out and
in both are experiences with this are thoughts are “These are so awesome!” So yes, I would highly suggest these to anyone who loves some 3D! Two thumbs up. **I Received these free in exchange for only my honest opinion** Here are some pictures and you can check more of it out here!


Review:Touchscreen Oven Meat Thermometer & Timer.

I cook a lot.. Breakfast lunch and dinner, And i love meats with dinner but im not a great cook and I am always worried that I am going to
either under cook my food or burn it.. I usually burn it a little if not a lot because I am so cautious when it comes to meat, so this came in great handy for me. I cook chicken, hamburger, pork chops, ham, turkey,
You name it! This little gadget works perfect, It may be small but its mighty! I no longer have to worry about undercooking or burning any of my meats. It comes with two probes and the probe can stand up to 500F which is amazing but i don’t imagine anyone cooking something so hot but incase you do or are wondering how hot it can be.
It takes two AAA batteries and it is also a touchscreen and displays blue light and is very easy to read. Once your meat or BBQ is reached to the preset temperature it has an alarm sound which is loud so it catches your attention which is a plus.
You can choose what meat your cooking and it does the rest of the work for you just about! It has pre set temperatures for pork, chicken, turkey, fish, veal, beef and lamp AND! settings for rare, medium rare, medium or well done.
This little thing does A LOT and it helps me a lot, its like a personal little cooking friend that gives me all the tips and guides me while cooking. I am super super happy that i got this and i could not imagine cooking my meats without it now. Very
precise and helpful is many ways not to mention the price is great. You can check out the product at this link ** I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion**

Review: No Bark Collar. No Harm Shock Dog Control

I have a 23 pound dog and she had a very bad habit of barking and it was so annoying! She would bark and bark and bark! She even would keep me up at night sometimes because of her barking so I was really happy to have got this. It comes in a small box (smaller than expected) but the collar itself is adjustable and fits perfect on my dog. When I was looking at it I was really mind boggled by how It worked just because of the way it looked with the small probes on it but the directions tell you very clearly on how to put it together, test it out and put it on your dog. I was kind of skeptical at first, I had never used a no bark collar before so I really did not know what to expect! Later that day I put it on Athena (my dogs name) and she didn’t seem to really care much about it. after awhile she started barking.. now at first it will just make warning beeps for the first two times of her barking but the third time it will give a small shock, When this happened she kind of looked like she didn’t know what to do LOL but it did make her stop for a minute. I did try a higher shock on her when she would not stop barking at something over the fence and she did stop, I was shocked! (not literally) I do believe this no bark collar works and in time will probably make them stop to a minimum but I do believe they should know/learn the difference between barking at nothing important to barking at intruders.. Which you can teach them! Overall I would give this on a scale from 1-10, an 8. Very easy to use and it takes a small 6V battery which I never seen before or heard of till’ now. There is 7 sensitivity adjustable levels for medium large or small dogs 15-120 Pound Dogs. You can find this product at this link  ** I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion **