REVIEW: Purple amethyst necklace.

This necklace is very beautiful!
Its handmade and is very well made for that matter.
It’s an amethyst crystal point plated necklace.
The color is so beautiful and natural.
This promotes beauty, health, good luck and healing, Which are my favorite!
The chain length is 18 inches about and falls perfectly to any outfit.
This has not broken so far and seems to be very well made indeed!
It comes is a velvet pouch which is handy because i can put it in when I’m not wearing it and not lose it so get it tangled with any of my other necklaces.
My hubby thinks is very cool looking and this would be the perfect gift for anyone, man or women!
This is very unique in its own way being hand-made and you have to believe in it for it to do its magic!
I would suggest you not get the chain wet as is might rust so take it off during showers, pool, or sleeping.
This is a lovely necklace and i am super happy with it 100%!
I would suggest this to anyone as its perfect for a great price.81yiqspkzel-_sl1600_