Magnetic Building blocks for kids! REVIEW

Looking for a kids birthday present or gift? I have just the thing!
I was browsing amazon for a gift for my two boys (just because) and found the coolest toy.
Magnetic blocks! Its a great fun and educational toy for toddlers and kids.
Its shapes that you can build into tons of cool things like ferris wheels, airplanes, pigs, houses, moter cycles and much more.
These are completely safe and powerful as well as non toxic. It comes with a instruction booklet which tells you how and what else you can make with the blocks which
i found very useful. There’s many kinds of magnetic blocks you can choose from, As i picked the ferris wheel one!
My boys are 2 and 4 years of age and they have been playing with this ever since they got it! I’m very impressed because usually they will play with a toy for a day or two
and get tired of it but this one was a good decision.
The blocks are colorful and fun for both boys and girls!
Let your child’s imaginations grow wild!
You can check out this product here as well as browse others similar! 71b+eHg22qL._SX522_


Children’s Claritin (Syrup & Chewables) REVIEW

I think Claritin Allergy Syrup & Chewables does wonders for my children with allergies, They love playing outside but there allergies would keep bothering them with sneezing, runny nose, eye irritation/ and throat; So I tried Claritin and they didn’t mind the taste (Grape being the syrup and bubblegum chewables) so much and had relief in about 10-15 mins after taking. My children are 2 and 4 and I know that this is safe for them being dye free. sugar free, and alcohol free, Be sure to read the doses and each age varies. This product claims to be 24 hours and to my knowledge it works that whole time!! My kids do prefer the tablets instead of the syrup though. This product is for ages two & up and is also Pediatrician Recommended & Non-Drowsy!! I’m very glad I got to try and express my opinion on this as its worked wonders for my children! Thanks too @Bzzagent.

To find out more about these products go here


Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 Fully Wireless PC Gaming Headset; REVIEW

This headset has stellar hearing (superhuman) as they claim, I could hear the smallest sound and while playing pc games it works great and i haven’t had any problems with hearing at all with the 7.1 Surround Sound. There is also a sound modifier you can choose to set it low or high which you can find on the side of the headset. This is complete wireless and does use usb to charge. The charge time takes about a few hours and lasts all day if not longer for me. You can also adjust the headset to fit your head weather it be big or small so dont worry, It’ll fit! This headset is also very comfortable to the ears with padding inside. The mic is adjustable which i like in a headset because i could move it away from my mouth if needed. i have had no problems with this at all and highly recommend.  Dimensions 9.5 x 3.9 x 10 inches

Check out this Headset here!


Glass Blunt Pipe Grinder Kit for Herb,Tobacco Coffee & Tea REVIEW

So I had recently bought a Glass Blunt Pipe Grinder Kit for Herb,Tobacco Coffee & Tea to try out. I bought this off of amazon because my brother had told me about this and I thought to myself, Well this would be a perfect gift for my husband!

I received it fairly fast and gave it to my hubby as a gift. He was most happy to try it out and tell me all about it. Firstly, this is indeed glass, and very fragile! But it does come with a cleaner and is pretty cool! The packaging is most sophisticated and I love that about this. My husband loves it, He has been using it almost every other day and has had no problems with it. He says the tobacco goes it neatly and the smoke tastes somehow better and smoother! He has had one like this before but claims this is by far the best one he has ever used.

This also comes with a grinder but the grinder is very very small! I was surprised by how little it was. That is the only con about this package but then again I have a thing for small things because they are just too cute! So, He did give me the grinder for my coffee and tea and it grinds enough for about 2-3 cups (for me) And I love it!

If you want to check out this product, simply click here! I would highly suggest!!




Vacuum sealer REVIEW.

So i recently got a vacuum sealer and let me say, It works awesome! This is my first time having one and I’m very impressed with the quality and functionality it has! Not to mention this comes with ten free bags! I have been using this to freeze meats and fruits especially and it seals then very fast and tight indeed. It’s easy to use and comes with an easy to read instruction booklet. I have had zero problems with this and thinking about getting one for my dad for Christmas.  This vacuum machine is specially designed for vacuum biscuits,
bread. When vacuuming sensitive foods, you can click ‘Seal Button’
to finish it anytime. Maximum Seals 8.6″ width heat seal bags & rolls.This product comes is handy and you know your foods being kept safe and fresh with no aromas that smell bad. 100% highly recommend this to anyone! You can check it out here

Muscle Jelly REVIEW

A great muscle jelly indeed. This does wonders for my skin and improves the way my muscles feel. I put this on my neck after sleeping on it wrong and it helped tons. I also put this on my wrist because it hurts a lot and it made it feel so much more relaxed and not so tense. I’m loving the way this works and even let my mother try some and she agrees it does a great job. Not to mention it’s 87% organic!! This has no intense smell and feels very smooth with no sticky feeling or any residues. Highly recommend this product. Check it out here

~Review~ Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Face Sunscreen!

Thanks to the amazing CrowdTap, I got this weightless face sunscreen to try out for my HONEST opinion.

I am very familiar with Hawaiian Tropic but never had I tried this until now. This sunscreen is an oil free lotion for your face to stay away from those face sunburns because who really wants to be red as a tomato!? Not me! This formula is so light, It really does feel weightless. Not only does this not clog pores but it don’t irriate my skin at all coming from someone who breaks out while using certain products so that was a major plus. Now onto the smell – You know those summer days by the pool, on the raft, at the ocean, or relaxing by the lake? Well this smells exactly like that! Lol, a least to me… It reminds me so much of summer and I love it so much.

This lasts for 12 hours and is SPF 30. So wave them sunburns goodbye because Hawaiian Tropic made life a whole lot easier! I would highly suggest this for anyone, plus the size is perfect for carrying around in your beach bag and having a pump to pump onto your hand is easy peezy. So go check this product out online or in store – You WONT be disappointed !