~Review~ Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Face Sunscreen!

Thanks to the amazing CrowdTap, I got this weightless face sunscreen to try out for my HONEST opinion.

I am very familiar with Hawaiian Tropic but never had I tried this until now. This sunscreen is an oil free lotion for your face to stay away from those face sunburns because who really wants to be red as a tomato!? Not me! This formula is so light, It really does feel weightless. Not only does this not clog pores but it don’t irriate my skin at all coming from someone who breaks out while using certain products so that was a major plus. Now onto the smell – You know those summer days by the pool, on the raft, at the ocean, or relaxing by the lake? Well this smells exactly like that! Lol, a least to me… It reminds me so much of summer and I love it so much.

This lasts for 12 hours and is SPF 30. So wave them sunburns goodbye because Hawaiian Tropic made life a whole lot easier! I would highly suggest this for anyone, plus the size is perfect for carrying around in your beach bag and having a pump to pump onto your hand is easy peezy. So go check this product out online or in store – You WONT be disappointed !   https://www.amazon.com/Hawaiian-Tropic-Hydration-Lotion-Ounce/dp/B00FLRHYCE