**REVIEW** Bella

Who said small dogs can’t have there own food!?

Introducing Bella. A dog food formulated for small pups! 6 delish varieties that you’re small dog will love, I know mine did.. She fell head over heels for this food so much that I had to actually go out and get her more! But, Ill do anything for my dog because she is  family and I want her to enjoy food as much as I do.

Small dogs need more protein to support there tiny bodys and bella knows that, With there small tummys they aren’t about to get a whole lot so they need there vitamins and minerals to stay up and running.  Bella has both dry and wet food to fit your dogs eating habits and not only was my dog happy after she got done but also super playful, running around outback like it was the best thing she ever tasted. So if you got a small breed I would highly suggest checking out this food, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Read more about the product here or simply check out your local Wal-Mart/ and or pet store to get ahold of this product.  https://www.belladogfood.com/



**I got this product free in exchange for my honest opinion from the lovely Bzzagent**


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