**REVIEW** Bella

Who said small dogs can’t have there own food!?

Introducing Bella. A dog food formulated for small pups! 6 delish varieties that you’re small dog will love, I know mine did.. She fell head over heels for this food so much that I had to actually go out and get her more! But, Ill do anything for my dog because she is  family and I want her to enjoy food as much as I do.

Small dogs need more protein to support there tiny bodys and bella knows that, With there small tummys they aren’t about to get a whole lot so they need there vitamins and minerals to stay up and running.  Bella has both dry and wet food to fit your dogs eating habits and not only was my dog happy after she got done but also super playful, running around outback like it was the best thing she ever tasted. So if you got a small breed I would highly suggest checking out this food, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Read more about the product here or simply check out your local Wal-Mart/ and or pet store to get ahold of this product.  https://www.belladogfood.com/



**I got this product free in exchange for my honest opinion from the lovely Bzzagent**


The IvyVoxBox from Influesnter!

This box is filled with goodies perfect for anyone, anywhere!

1.7th heaven foot soak & lotion (avr. $2.97)  This stuff makes my feet feel royal! After a long days of walking and taking care of my two wild boys, this mama needs a good foot soak and this does everything I expected and more! The feeling it gives me after the soak is lovely, my feet and I are very pleased!

2.Chapstick DUO (avr. 3.98) I never saw these cool chapstick duos before but now that I have, They look so cool! Its a two-in-one gadget and so very compact. The thing I love most about this is I can choose which scent I want to put on and its SUPER easy to change out for new scents! I love the mix and match.

3.Gillette Venus Swirl (avr. 8-10$) This razor is the closest most effective shaver I have ever used! My golly, Not only can I switch out the blade once this one gets rusty or just don’t work anymore, BUT! it gives my the closest shave of my life!! All them tricky areas to shave are now no more. Goodbye stubborn hair, Hello silky soft body! I would HIGHLY suggest this razor, no doubt about it. The FLEXIBALL totally  #MovesLikeNoOther !

4.Black African Soap (avr. 4.99) This soap smells amazing, I cant get over how good and long lasting the scent it. Its suppose to clean your clean gently and it does exactly as said. I never heard of this product before or seen – But its now probably one of my favorite face cleanser now and is very effective in keeping that un wanted acne away!! Hooray for that!  If you struggle with acne, face pores, blemishes I would highly suggest you give this a try.

5. Trolli Sour brite crawlers (Avr.1.99) Talk about YUM! Me and my boys cannot stop snacking on these! They are very addicting and so yummy for any time of the day! and I mean morning or late night snack! There the best candy to me right now and I will deff be buying more of these yummy wormies.



I got this sent to me free for review, ALL opinion are my own.