Want to make an easy $30!? (Limited Time)

Okay! This card is completely free, you get 30$ for signing up after you add the one time fee of 4.95. Just choose the Pay As You Go option when applying.  *You can use PayPal, or you can have many different options to load the card once it arrives into the mail** I personally used paypal just because it was easier and usually if you try at a store they will make you add atleast 10 but with Paypal its just 4.95. You get 30$ per person that you refer after you sign up under me, please take advantage of this, because this is super easy money, you can only earn a max of 600$ a year off the card, please sign up, and let me know if you need any questions, cause this is seriously the easiest 30$ your ever get in your life, and it’s worth it. This is REAL and once I added the 3.95 though paypal I got my 30$ the very next day! Just click here and sign up using the referral link or else you wont get the 30$. https://apply.rushcard.com/start?urid=CRYSTALMARTINEZ18


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