Mens Watch! Review.

This watch is amazing!
This looks very much more expensive than it really is and that’s probably my favorite feature!
It’s also made of PU leather and has a luxury look to it.
I got this for my dad and he loves it very much, He had no words!
I got all black and it’s really stunning, well made indeed.
It has glass covering over the clock and comes in a very unique gift box of black and red.
This has long battery life and working time.
The buttons on the side are just for looks as they don’t work, nor do anything.
It has a stainless steel back cover and its also perfect weight.
I am super happy with this and it met all my expectations and so much more.
For the price, I’d say it’s tottaly worth it.
People have asked me where to get one and how much it was, A great conversation starter.
This is a clean, well put together watch and i would highly suggest this to anyone!!
I had no problems with this at all and its very durable indeed. My dad loves it so much and is so happy with this watch.

**I got this product free or at a highly discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



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