REVIEW: Wireless Bluetooth Smart Sunglasses!

These sunglasses are nothing short of amazing!!
I am absolutely IN LOVE with these, Not only are they stylish for both man OR woman but they are wireless bluetooth!
These are great for on the road, taking calls, listing to music or just wearing!
With the earbud in your ear and it connected to your phone you can easily hear if your getting an incoming call or music.
While talking on the phone you don’t need your phone in your hands, The other person over the phone can hear you clearly without holding your phone – Amazing!
The sound on these are crystal clear and i am very impressed with it!
You can even put these on your head if not using and still keep the ear bud in your ear with no problem.
On the description is don’t say you can connect it to an android phone, But you can.
I easily connected it to my android phone and it worked perfect.
These lenses protect your eyes from strong sunlight so no more squinting them eyes ūüôā
These are all black and 100% durable.
You can adjust the volume and turn on/off by a press of a button.
The charging time of these is approx 1 hour, Not bad at all.
Music time is 3-4 hours and phone call time is 3-4 hours.
These come with a very neat and strong case (gray and blue) with a cleaning cloth and 1x USB cable and user manual for instructions on how to use it (very easy to read)
It comes with only one ear bud for one ear which is great for driving so you can still hear around you.
Me and my hubby share these because we both love them and use them, Im going to have to buy myself a pair though because i don’t want to share anymore! Lol
The price is absolutely out of this world and its a great value, I would HIGHLY suggest these to anyone.
I never knew they even invented bluetooth sunglasses that were so incredible with lots of amazing feature named above.
These also have voice control and lens replacement if needed.
Overrall these are great, No problems and many feautures.
These glasses are worth checking out and are at a price you CANT beat!!

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