REVIEW: Pest Pro

So, I never believed in these things one bit and though they were just all talk and no business,
I was sadly mistaken.. I plugged it into the wall, Set it on a to see how well this works or if it even does.
I haven’t saw one roach/ spider/ or beattle!! But, It did take at least a couple days! So right when you turn it on it might not drive the bugs out for about 2-3 days.
After about the 3rd day i saw absolutely no bugs and i was so shocked and thought “Could it really be!?” I mean this thing works better then the pest control guy who sprayed!
I saw bugs a day after he sprayed and i was so disappointed but this just blew my mind and i will never judge a product before i try it again!
You can’t hear a thing because its inaudible to the human ear alone with cats and dogs. It can run 24/7 (which is how long i run it) and its not harmful at all.
It’s very easy to use, Just plus it into the wall and set your frequency.
It covers up to 500 square feet which is amazing and the sonic waves can also travel through your walls.
You will know when this is on because it has a little red light indicating that its on.
I’m about to buy a couple more just to be sure because let me tell you i hate hate HATE! bugs with a passion, There gross and they make me feel gross if there in my home! No matter how much i clean!
Overrall i am very impressed with this and i have told my mom and dad about this because they get bugs sometimes that come in from outside and they are so pesty and nasty.
I had absolutely no problems with this, Like i said above – It is very easy to use and install, No hassle, No mess, and 100% safe.
Before i finish this i wanted to tell you that you can’t put this on any soft surface for it will interfere with the frequency so be sure to place it on a counter top or table.
I would highly suggest getting one or even a few of these if your having problems getting rid of pesty bugs in your home. You will be surprised! I know i was..

You can check out this product here –>
**I got this product free or at a highly discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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