REVIEW: Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Flickering Candles.

These are by far and I mean BY FAR the REALIST flameless candles that i have ever seen in my life!!!
The flameless flame moves making it look so real just like a flickering candle.
They looks like they are made of wax but they are not! They are simply made out of Abs. These are made to look like they are melting and it could
surely fool anyones eyes who don’t know they are fake!
I love to light these and burn my wax burner because then when people come over they will for sure think they were real candles burning.
These could go great with a cinnamon type wax melt by it.
They each take 2 AA batteries (Not included) And the remote works already just take out the plastic tab.
You can control it with the remote by turning it on/off, The light dimes or you can brightend it to your preference, You pick choose 2/4/6/8 hour time length and they will turn off on there own!
They also have flicker and non flicker mode, The flickering mode looks the realist and so cool. You can control all the candles with the remote as well.
Now, How amazing do these sound already?
These beautiful candles are made for indoor/outdoor use so you can put then outside if you wanted it just don’t get them wet because it can and will ruin them!, Either way they would look lovely, Inside or out (I personally keep them inside)
I was really not expecting much out of these candles but my mind was so blown and I was in awe at the realist look with the moving flame, And how well these are made.
They were durable and no worries about leaving it alone because they cannot catch fire!
My son thought these were real and I touched the fake flame and he freaked! Lol, He soon then noticed they were fake and he loves to look at them.
I was just thinking how safe and reassuring these are especially is you got kids and now i’m going to have to buy more, I’m thinking maybe white!
My mom saw these and she loves candles, She always has.. And these caught her greatest attention! I told her all about them and she just thought they were lovely.
Overall these flameless flickering candles are the best, I’m so very in-love with them and they would also be the perfect gift, Believe me! You WON’T be disappointed. You can check these out here
**I got this product free or at a highly discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


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