REVIEW: Nicel Dail Repair. (99Cent Store Product)


Hey guys so today I wanted to review a product that I got at the 99 cent store!

Now, I don’t really buy face stuff at the dollar stores but I do buy everything else there I just never really bothered with buying any facial products until about a month ago when I was walking through the 99 cent store and said “Hey, why not? It’s only a dollar..” 99 cents to be exact.. plus tax of course.

Anyways, I got this Nicel Daily Repair retinol cream and I didn’t really expect it to do anything – I was wrong . It does everything that it says it does. Now all you do Is rub it on your face and DON’T wash it off, Just let it soak in and lock into your skin. It does not feel sticky at all and it leaves your face feeling moisturized. You can apply it day or night and whenever you feel it needs it. It corrects uneven skin tone which in my case I have redness on my higher cheeks. I have been using this for about a week now everyday after my shower and I have seen improvement! My redness is down to a minimum and it leaves it nice and soft feeling. This does for more money other places when I looked it up online and I found it at my local 99 cent store for only 99 cents!! I will be buying more because its only 1oz but its been lasting awhile. I would rather spend my money on this than other creams that say they work, I like to get the most out of my money and in this case I did.

I posted a video on YouTube! here is the link.


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