REVIEW: HD Wireless IP Camera Dome.

This is the How-To video my boyfriend did since he’s the one who set it all up, Check it out!
This IP camera is pretty awesome and had no problems with setting it up.
It does not come with an instruction pamphlet only one telling you how to set up the app on your device but its really simple, All you
really got to do is know what your doing and have a drill handy! My boyfriend did this How-To video that i hope
those who are having a hard time figuring out how to set it up will find this useful. The cord is a bit short but you can get a nice cheap one for under $5 if you wanted.
The thing i liked about this the most i would say was the App for your phone because i live in a not so good
area and i’m always worrying about my house getting robbed or what not but now when i’m gone i can peacefully keep an eye on it right from my phone
and feel better about about my house for the day! I think its really cool how it has night vision (which works excellent by the way) and records everything in the direction of it.
It has a nice wide view and i will put a picture of it in the description of it on my phone so you guys can see kind of what it looks like.
Its a real neat gadget and its not too big or too small, Will look good most anywhere weather you want it outside or inside.
It has motion detection which is real nice and you can even has HD megapixel. You can change the quality of the video if you wanted to from your phone. It automatically records and you can go back and watch the video from what ever time frame you want.
You can have it where u have better quality or lower quality which would make out movements better for you to see.
I am really loving this IP camera i think it works and looks great plus i feel 10x better with it around. You can check it out here –>
**I got this product free in exchange for my honest opinion**



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