REVIEW:Super Bright 20 LED Solar Powered Light with Motion Sensor

I have a lot of get-togethers in my back yard and i was so tired of replacing batteries which adds up to a lot when i think about it
This came in great handy because it works with solar energy to charge! How cool is that?
But that’s not it, It has a motion sensor on it so when it senses people near it comes on which i find is
really cool, it will auto turn on dim light mode when in darkness or at night and enter into bright light mode when in sensing motion..
Its supposed to last 12 hours and it does! When i saw it, it was a bit smaller than expected but the bight ness on this was
blew my mind! You can also use this on rainy days because its water-proof so no worries there. This is very easy to install all you got to do is drill two
holes in your wall and your all done, (It just needs to charge of course) I had no problems with this at all it is very simple, I didn’t really need
the “How-To” to put it on my wall. just make sure you
have a drill handy to make things less difficult. This is plastic not
It is energy saving meaning it will be off during the day and on during night when you need it.
I would recommend this to anyone who loves saving energy and are night owls like myself to like to hangout in the back yard or
even if you just like having this in front of your house to see is by your door at night. I was thinking of getting more to out all around my back yard to brighten up more space. I have a shed kind of in the middle on my grass so i thought it would be pretty cool to put one on my shed and more along my house. You could do some pretty
cool things with these and you don’t have to worry about always buying batteries because it runs on solar! I had a friend come over to hangout and i showed him my new light – He then wanted one because he though it was a awesome little light, I agree 100%  You can check it out at this link —>
**I got this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion only**


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