Review: Virtual Reality 3D Glasses by VR SHINECON

So I got these very cool Reality 3D Glasses… Let tell you about these in my own experience!
These did not come with any instructions at all so i pretty much had to figure everything out on my own which was not too hard… The box it came was very nice and expensive looking.
It comes with a little cloth so you can wipe the lenses.
So, anyways, You put your phone into a case looking thing (I will put pictures below) And then you close it while playing it. **Supports phones 3.5 to 6.0 inch & The largest mobile phone wide range 154mm tall and 82mm**
Then you put it around your head and look into the lenses. You can adjust the length and how close you want the picture to be to your face. Now when
i was playing it the picture was very great and i had no issues with it.
It reminded me of being in a movie theater and having the picture so close in 3D was pretty awesome! My phone fit in it perfect and i had no problems with that part.
It is comfortable to wear and not wearing your head down at all or face! It didn’t strain my eyes but i would not wear it too long just to be safe. The quality of this is
well put together and it is also a hard plastic. The feel of it is smooth and not rough at all which i love! I was very surprised it came out the way it did just because of the price,
usually i see these going to a bit more so i really did not know what to expect! but don’t let the price fool you, because these are great. My boyfriend also tried these out and
in both are experiences with this are thoughts are “These are so awesome!” So yes, I would highly suggest these to anyone who loves some 3D! Two thumbs up. **I Received these free in exchange for only my honest opinion** Here are some pictures and you can check more of it out here!



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