Review: Seneo 3rd Essential Oil Diffuser.

Seneo Essensial Oil Diffuser. So, My son agian got sick and me and him both get so congested its horrible, Really. I got this
Seneo 3rd Oil Diffuser and i opened it right up and plugged it in. It is small but its just right because its not too big or too small and
i can put it right on my night stand next to my bed. The noise level is <35db and to me its quiet as a mouse except for when you press the buttons to turn on the mist or
lights. It has 7 changing mood lights (LED night lights) And a 4-5 hour maximum flow. I really like to put in my essential oils and all you need is 1-3 drops and your good to go
along with a cool mist humidifier. I would highly suggest reading the directions before using because i had trouble learning where to put the water or my oils but once you
read the instructions they are real easy to go by and its super easy to function (All you do is twist the top off and it has a water line) The lights are brighter then i had expected but i have no problems with it because
it works as a little night light to me. Its relaxing and soothing to smell the oils go around and the lights are very eye catching. This would be a real nice gift to give to anyone, If i got
it as one i would be super happy! Loving this little product and it made me sleep more soundly knowing i have this running. You can check it out here **I was provided a free Seneo Essensial Oil Diffuser for testing and review and was asked only to give my honest review**

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