Mid finger tip stacking rings (Jewelry)

Okay so I am totally IN-LOVE with these half rings!! I cant stress enough on how much I just want to show them off. They make my hands look so much better!! They are absolutely beautiful and I am SO glad I bought these. I never knew about them till’ my mother introduced them to me and I thought they were just so pretty and cute and I was like “Hey,Where did you get them?” and she said amazon. So I hoped on here and bought these and once I got them in the mail and put them on I was just so obsessed and taking pictures, showing them off left and right. I’m planning on buying more and starting a little collection 🙂 and another thing I wanted to add is the price…You CANNOT beat it, You can find these beautiful half rings on amazon for only $2.86 with FREE SHIPPING! I believe the only con about them is the fear of breaking one of them though because they feel like it don’t take much to break them (all the better to buy more) But like people say, You get what you pay for in which this case I do have to agree but in most cases I do not. These overall have a very beautiful signature to them and in my opinion would look lovely on any ones fingers.You can mix and match with any kind of rings to make it more unique and create a style of your own. You can check them out here http://www.amazon.com/Womens-Rhinestone-Bowknot-Knuckle-Stacking/dp/B00TJJDJ06?ie=UTF8&ref_=cm_rdp_product  There are all types and styles but these are just the ones I picked out.  They did take a little while longer to arrive then I had anticipated but not a whole month.. Probably just a few more days longer.rings The bottom one on my middle finger DID NOT come with them!! It was mine before I had bought these but I just wanted to add a little more pop.


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