CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Makeup (liquid)

I have been looking for that one foundation that don’t break me out in blemishes or clogs my pores after I wear it. I have bought cheap foundations to expensive ones, from brand names to store brands and I have bought a lot, I would say more then 30+ just looking for that right one and never found it. My skin is very sensitive and every time I would wear foundation my face would break out and I would get blemishes just after a day of use. One day I was on searching on amazon for foundation for sensitive skin to see what amazon had and I came across this one. It caught my attention because it was oil free, for sensitive skin and moisturized the face so I thought I would give this one a go, Minds well, Right? I had already spent more then enough money on foundation that did not work for me. So, Once I got this I was going out to the store and thought I would try it.. Put it on and it did not feel oily at all and looked to do the job. I wore it all day and it lasted all day (No need to apply it twice unless desired) So I waited until the next day to see if my face broke out or anything because thats when it usually does after wearing foundation.. Well the next day my face was CLEAR and no blemishes or break outs what so ever and man was I SO relieved!! After months and years of searching for that right foundation I have finally found it!! This works wonders and I am truly SO happy to have finally found a foundation that works and is oil free. I highly recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin, hates oily foundation or just looking for a new foundation. This really is a life savor and I would give this ten stars if there was ten! (instead of only 5) And the color I got was Ivory 🙂 cover


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