Review:Cable Management Sleeve

Okay so, I have two kids. Ones 2 years old and the other one is 2 months old and you know kids, Children always wants to get into your cords! So I thought getting this would help not only with child proofing my home but as well as making it look a lot cleaner and organized in my house.
I recently got this in the mail FREE for my honest opinion and I was really excited to try this out! Once I got it, I took it out of the packaging and put it to use. I put it around the internet cable cord I have because that’s the one my son always goes for and is always pulling and tugging on it. Once I put it on he didn’t even know the cord was still there because it was hidden by this sleeve and I was so glad, now he pays no attention to it and I don’t got to worry about him always messing with it. I told my dad about it because he has ALOT of cords just all around and I mentioned that it would make a big difference because it wont look so cluttered with cords every where and my son wont mess with them when he babysits. I think really the only con I had with this would be the length, I actually thought it looked smaller in the picture than it really was but then again I would rather it be longer, But to fix that problem I could always get a 4 pack! Really glad I got to try this out and now have a cord-free looking mess.20160305_150104.jpg


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