Car accidents & anxiety.

Car accidents… A real problem in this world.

Almost every day I hear about a car accidents and its horrible. There is really no way to stop them unless of course people just stop driving all together. When I was younger I used to be obsessed with camaros, corvettes, and chargers and could not wait to start driving, I used to day dream about driving all the time, I loved cars, They were my obsession.

As I got older I would read the news a lot more often and saw car crashes that happened that day or the day before, I was stunned at how many accidents was going on and I had no idea. Just reading about them gave me anxiety and made my stomach turn, I just could not believe it, In the pictures of them I cant even tell that they were even cars/trucks before because they just look like a tin can.

I was out one day at about 8pm and me and my boyfriend were getting gas, He goes in and is getting a coffee and paying for the gas. As I sit there just looking around watching cars come and go I then witness a car accident, right in front of my eyes! The sound I still hear till this day, The people yelling and walking around I still hear and see. That sound though…. Although they we not going that fast and no major injures occurred the noise it had made sounded as though it was far worse than it really was.

I recently moved to a small town with hardly any stores so to shop I have to go to the next town over which is about a 20 minute drive and the two roads that I take have some of the most car accidents and every time I get on them my anxiety goes through the roof and I just hate it, absolutely hate it.

Car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, Even if you are driving perfect, another driver can cause it and it can change your life forever.

My life had changed because of this. I no longer want to drive, I no longer am obsessed with cars, I no longer love them. It saddens me, really. My anxiety just takes over and I just cant imagine me driving anymore due to all this news about accidents every day. I know it may sound dumb to most but I just wanted to write it down, maybe other people have some sort of the same thing as me, or another similar story.

-Crystal Bell



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