Review: Infants Advil (Free product)

I got accepted into a mission from Smiley360 to review this Infants Advil and I got to say thanks to them for sending this just in time. My oldest son gets sick very easily and I always worry when he is sick because his fevers are almost always high to the point I just cant breath because I’m so worried. Advil has been a trusted brand for years and when I got accepted I was like “Whoohoo”! although I’m very familiar with advil I have never tried there Infants products. Well, about a week after I got this in the mail my son had got the nasty flu virus and had a fever, So I gave him Infants Advil (The product I recived free from smiley360) and his fever had went down in less than 40 minutes and I was relieved. I think the only con I had was the small bottle, But other than that its dye free,lasts 8 hours and the taste didn’t seem to be bad. I’m lovin’ this for my children and I really free SAFE when using it for them. It does all that it says it does!20160228_205511.jpg


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