Review: No Bark Collar. No Harm Shock Dog Control

I have a 23 pound dog and she had a very bad habit of barking and it was so annoying! She would bark and bark and bark! She even would keep me up at night sometimes because of her barking so I was really happy to have got this. It comes in a small box (smaller than expected) but the collar itself is adjustable and fits perfect on my dog. When I was looking at it I was really mind boggled by how It worked just because of the way it looked with the small probes on it but the directions tell you very clearly on how to put it together, test it out and put it on your dog. I was kind of skeptical at first, I had never used a no bark collar before so I really did not know what to expect! Later that day I put it on Athena (my dogs name) and she didn’t seem to really care much about it. after awhile she started barking.. now at first it will just make warning beeps for the first two times of her barking but the third time it will give a small shock, When this happened she kind of looked like she didn’t know what to do LOL but it did make her stop for a minute. I did try a higher shock on her when she would not stop barking at something over the fence and she did stop, I was shocked! (not literally) I do believe this no bark collar works and in time will probably make them stop to a minimum but I do believe they should know/learn the difference between barking at nothing important to barking at intruders.. Which you can teach them! Overall I would give this on a scale from 1-10, an 8. Very easy to use and it takes a small 6V battery which I never seen before or heard of till’ now. There is 7 sensitivity adjustable levels for medium large or small dogs 15-120 Pound Dogs. You can find this product at this link  ** I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion **





Mid finger tip stacking rings (Jewelry)

Okay so I am totally IN-LOVE with these half rings!! I cant stress enough on how much I just want to show them off. They make my hands look so much better!! They are absolutely beautiful and I am SO glad I bought these. I never knew about them till’ my mother introduced them to me and I thought they were just so pretty and cute and I was like “Hey,Where did you get them?” and she said amazon. So I hoped on here and bought these and once I got them in the mail and put them on I was just so obsessed and taking pictures, showing them off left and right. I’m planning on buying more and starting a little collection 🙂 and another thing I wanted to add is the price…You CANNOT beat it, You can find these beautiful half rings on amazon for only $2.86 with FREE SHIPPING! I believe the only con about them is the fear of breaking one of them though because they feel like it don’t take much to break them (all the better to buy more) But like people say, You get what you pay for in which this case I do have to agree but in most cases I do not. These overall have a very beautiful signature to them and in my opinion would look lovely on any ones fingers.You can mix and match with any kind of rings to make it more unique and create a style of your own. You can check them out here  There are all types and styles but these are just the ones I picked out.  They did take a little while longer to arrive then I had anticipated but not a whole month.. Probably just a few more days longer.rings The bottom one on my middle finger DID NOT come with them!! It was mine before I had bought these but I just wanted to add a little more pop.

Disney Baby Boys’ Tigger 3 Pack Bodysuit (Apparel)


So I bought these super adorable Disney Baby Boys’ Tigger 3 Pack Bodysuit for my son who is almost three months old and weighs 10.5 pounds (3 months on April 1st 2016) And I got sizes 3-6 months and they fit him just perfect. Every one said they looked too big for him but I knew they wouldn’t be. They fit him nice and not too snug like 0-3 month outfits. These are super cute and the feel is nice and soft which I like because I want my baby boy to feel comfortable and relaxed in what he is wearing. All three of them are designed very nice and the color don’t seem to fade after washing or drying them. I wash in cold water so they don’t shrink and I could save them if I have another baby in the future. They got three buttons on the bottom which most baby outfits do, Some have two, some have three. All three have three which I personally like because there is a middle one I sometimes just button. I also love the colors, Nice and bold Anyways, I give these 2 thumbs up and would recommend highly! They would also make a great baby shower gift. You can find it here!   tiger.png

CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Makeup (liquid)

I have been looking for that one foundation that don’t break me out in blemishes or clogs my pores after I wear it. I have bought cheap foundations to expensive ones, from brand names to store brands and I have bought a lot, I would say more then 30+ just looking for that right one and never found it. My skin is very sensitive and every time I would wear foundation my face would break out and I would get blemishes just after a day of use. One day I was on searching on amazon for foundation for sensitive skin to see what amazon had and I came across this one. It caught my attention because it was oil free, for sensitive skin and moisturized the face so I thought I would give this one a go, Minds well, Right? I had already spent more then enough money on foundation that did not work for me. So, Once I got this I was going out to the store and thought I would try it.. Put it on and it did not feel oily at all and looked to do the job. I wore it all day and it lasted all day (No need to apply it twice unless desired) So I waited until the next day to see if my face broke out or anything because thats when it usually does after wearing foundation.. Well the next day my face was CLEAR and no blemishes or break outs what so ever and man was I SO relieved!! After months and years of searching for that right foundation I have finally found it!! This works wonders and I am truly SO happy to have finally found a foundation that works and is oil free. I highly recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin, hates oily foundation or just looking for a new foundation. This really is a life savor and I would give this ten stars if there was ten! (instead of only 5) And the color I got was Ivory 🙂 cover

Review: FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack

So I got this FelxiKold ice pack recently because I have get bad backaches often and I have tried almost everything for it, Some things works for only a few minutes, some things smell bad, and others just don’t hit the right spot or make it feel better so I was kind of skeptical that this new FlexiKold would do any different.

I get backaches in my lower part of my back and I just wanted to find something that I actually liked and lasted for just more than a few minutes, with kids its really hard as well. FlexiKold has changed that, It molds to my back and is super flexible. It gives my back a nice cold but soothing relaxation and it lasts for I would say about 30-40 minutes on end. Another thing I like about this is that it don’t leak icky stuff! Its VERY well made and professional looking and gets the perfect right of cold to make your achy muscles feel relaxed and not frozen or on fire like some other products I have tried!

I’m not the only one who has backaches in my family, My dad gets them too so I recommended this to him and showed him how flexible, strong, and easy it is to use. FlexiKold comes in all sizes from Standard, half and over size.

for only 19.99 and enjoy it (standard size) or get your money back within 60 days of purchasing if not satisfied! (Believe me though, You will indeed be satisfied!) at least I was 🙂 Be sure to check it out here 

**Free to review in exchange for my honest opinion**

How I relax.

I am a mother of two beautiful boys. A two year old and a two month old, so my days are pretty tiering and stressful. I cook,clean care for my children and myself so after a long day I like to relax. A nice hot bubble bath really is my number one relaxation along with some good smelling essential oils to top it off. While I’m in there I just lay back and clear my mind even if it’s just for a few minutes, those few minutes really help me. So for those of you out there who just got off work, are having a stressful day, feeling
down and out, or just want to relax, Take a hot bath and just relax. 👌🛀