Review:Febreze Limited Edition Sugared Cranberry

Last month I went to Big Lots (Retail company) and this is one of my favorite stores to shop at because I find amazing deals for amazing products and when I went there last month I was looking for new house stuff and I love my house smelling good all the time so I went looking for some air freshner and came across some febreze and I saw a limited edition one which was sugared cranberry and I thought hey that probably smells really good, So I got it. This stuff smells WONDERFUL! I absolutely love it I had to go back and get two more! It smells sweet and it lingers all around the house for a couple hours which I love about it. The design is also so cute I really like it, I think its there best scent yet I just wish it was not limited edition.. I have to stock up I keep telling my boyfriend and making him go get more 🙂 For those of you who love your house smelling great or have those smelly smells around the house for example a trash can in your kitchen I recommend trying out this scent from febreze. 20160228_205659


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