So I have been struggling with anxiety for quite some time now and I always thought “Why am I like this”? For a long time I thought I was alone and had something wrong with me bad. Anxiety is the third most most common health issue in the world and this I did not know. I didn’t know what I was going though even was anxiety. My symptoms were shaking, fast heart rate, dizziness and my face would turn red as an apple! I read about these common symptoms and sure enough it was anxiety. I was reading online one day and came across this article about a drink that supposably helps with anxiety, I have yet to try this but i will very soon, If you want to check it out go here >  Can you believe that even movie stars suffer from anxiety? for example.. Johnny Depp! I was very surprised to find out him of all people would have it but he does and this IS a real thing and for those of you out there who suffer from anxiety i want you to know that you are NOT alone and you CAN and WILL survive this health issues that many and I mean many people go through every single day like myself. Cheers to us!


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