Robitussin REVIEW (free product coupon)

I recently went to Wal-Mart to use this free coupon that I got from CrowdTap (a site where you can win stuff, Review stuff, and blog about it for free) and I had chosen the Orange flavored one. I bought it just in time because not soon after I got sick!! What a coincidence eh? But let me say this medicine works very well for me and I was surprised because I have taken lots of cold medicine but they all were either really nasty or just didn’t help me at all. After I took this my cough was soothed in less then an hour and I had no drowsy feeling afterwards.  I am now always going to purchase this stuff when I get sick! It works unlike some medicine out there and don’t have that bitter after taste and relieved my worst cough symptoms 100% for about 12 hours on end. tumblr_nw77wbXtIi1utnonpo1_540.jpg


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